Why Steel

Residential steel framing members are cost-effective, lightweight, easy-to-handle, and manufactured in conditions that allow strict quality control. When designed properly, the result is solid, non-combustible, and durable. Because steel can be pre-cut to desired lengths and is a stable material, you don't need to sort out defective pieces and can erect a frame faster.

Architects are flexible when designing for steel construction due to the flexibility of the material. Because of its strength, steel can span greater distances, offering large, open spaces and high ceilings. The interior walls can be moved anywhere you want w/o disturbing the basic structure and this enables attractive design options. Also, you can choose from a variety of home design plans in our office and customize these aspects w/o limits. 

The placement of steel frames is much quicker than brick walls.

Steel is an environmentally friendly material since it is recyclable and reusable. The overall recycling rate of the steel industry is 66%-the highest in the country-offering an environmentally sound home framing alternative. Steel framing scrap is a valuable commodity that should not end up in a landfill. 

At summer, steel loses heat faster and during winter slower.

Steel is very important as a building material since it is suitable for reducing seismic tremors. Positive connection and the strength of steel provide great protection against earthquakes and hurricanes. Steel's high strength and ductility make it the best construction material for earthquake-resistant design. 

The only way that you can tell by looking which homes are built with steel happens over time. Traditional wooden header and ridges sag. They are subject to moisture changes that cause warping, splitting and rotting. If you've ever attempted to remodel or renovate an older wood framed or traditional concrete home, you know what happens over the years.

The use of galvanized steel frame components protects your home from rust.

Steel framing is recommended for chemically sensitive and environmentally conscious homeowners who seek good indoor air quality. Steel frames do not need to be treated for mold or termites and are free of resin adhesives and chemicals normally present in other construction materials.